14 Meal Prep for $169.95

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Complete Meal Delivery Orders are available for pick-up on Monday – Wednesday ONLY  (Delivery Days are Monday & Tuesday).  All orders must be placed by 1pm on Thursdays prior to next week selected pick-up or delivery date dates (ex: If you order on Tuesday at 5pm, your order will not be ready until next week Monday 11am the next week)

The Lifestyle Meal Prep 14 Meals is ideal for busy working professionals! Select the meal selections you wish to receive. Mix the items as you please.

*If an item is out of stock, another item will be substituted according to your preferences:

Nutrition Facts

The table is based on totals of 10 meals and 5 snacks in this plan

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CARBS (G)532G3%
FIBER (G)32G0%
FATS (G)110G1%
SAT FAT (G)45G0%
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